Sprucing Up

Thanks to my son, Chance, and his wife, Sara, for spending their Labor Day weekend helping me cut grass and move some things around that were too heavy for me to move on my own.  The two grandsons, CJ and Bascom, even picked up limbs that had fallen, which will make it easier for me to cut grass next week.

I was especially happy that Chance was able to move the raised beds my husband, Danny, made.  When we retired and moved back home to MS a couple years ago, we put the beds near Danny’s tractor shed so we could be near each other while working.  At the time, we hadn’t yet built the new house, so putting them near the shed was the best place.  Now that the house is finished and Danny has passed away, I wanted my garden in the back yard, more conveniently located.  We weren’t sure if the bed frames would stand up to being moved 250-300 ft, but Danny had made them sturdy and Chance was easily able to move them using a skid steer.

I’m also excited about getting my potting bench set up under the carport after Chance and CJ helped move my pottery glazes and raw materials into the storage building my brother-in-law, Phil, built for me.  (More on that later. I still have to paint the doors!)

Lots of “dirt fun” to look forward to.  Now to get the studio organized again so I can get to work making things in there.

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