All my life I’ve been a Maker, multi-passionate about all things creative. I think I share this trait with most other Creatives. I explore many mediums, jumping from one to another as the mood strikes me, but I always seem to come back to paint and clay.

For many years, I spent most of my free time making pottery.  I was blessed with a husband who not only supported my making, but enjoyed being in the studio and attending shows with me.  We loved creating together.  I never got him on the wheel, but he made countless beads, buttons and jewelry pendants.  He waxed and glazed pottery, loaded and unloaded kilns and schlepped tents and products to shows.  A welder and heavy equipment operator by trade, he built all the tables, racks and shelves for my studio and for shows.

We retired from our day jobs in 2016 and moved to our home community of Barefoot Springs in Mississippi.  We built a new house and studio and were excited to have more time to make things and maybe even teach a few classes.

But…Life happens.  Or, perhaps I should say, death happens.

A little over 2 months after moving into our new home, my husband passed away.  He had suffered with cardiovascular disease since his mid 30’s and his heart finally could take no more.

Most of us have experienced the sense of loss that floods our hearts upon the passing of a loved one.  We work through the raw emotions, the brain fog, the copious changes forced upon us.  Eventually, though, try as we might to hold fast to all things familiar, we realize that the life we knew for so long will never be again.

So, here I find myself standing on the edge of what was and what is to come.  I’m not sure what sort of new life lies ahead, but I know that making art and serving others will be a part of it.

It’s too difficult right now going back to the pottery that I was accustomed to making with Danny.  I dabble with it and do find pleasure in working with the clay, but I need time to explore new avenues there.  In the meantime, I’ll be spending more time on my painting and drawing.

In all things, I am thankful….. for the opportunity to have known a love so deep and strong, for a loving Heavenly Father, for my wonderful daughter and son and their families, and for family members, church family and friends who are ever present and supportive.



In loving memory of Danny Lamar Ivy, my sweetheart of 45 years