Workshops In My Studio

Starting in February, I’ll be teaching art and knitting workshops from my home studio! Yay! I’ve wanted to do this for awhile and am excited to finally be able to do it.  

To check out February classes scheduled thus far, click the Workshops  tab in the main menu.

If you would like a once or twice a month email reminder of current classes and some other art-related nuggets, use the sign-up form in the sidebar to leave me your email address.  I promise I will never spam you nor misuse your email address.

I currently teach in venues outside my studio, and will continue to do that, but being able to bring students into my own studio space and have all my tools and supplies within reach, will be wonderful.  

Below is a photo of my studio set up for a Birthday Paint Party last weekend. Thanks to Birthday Girl Riley (and parents, Melanie and Don) for bringing friends, Bri, Eric and Erin to paint with me. These young people were so much fun!

More photos from the Birthday Paint Party…

Looking forward to many smiles and much laughter in this special space.

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