Old Red Trucks for Christmas

It seems a little early to be thinking about Christmas, but it’ll be here before we know it.  It was a very busy week and I wasn’t able to be in the studio as much as I would have liked, but finally got the chance to paint today.

I’ve been anxious to try these red truck door hangers ever since I picked the blanks up a few weeks ago.

These are so much fun to paint!  Can’t wait to get back in the studio and paint more!

Happy Halloweenie

I painted this handsome guy today for friends, in memory of their longtime Dachshund baby, Duke. Hope it brings back many happy memories for them.

Happy Halloweenie, Duke!

A Gift of Love

My Sunday School class learned a couple weeks ago that a precious member/friend is moving soon to be nearer her work and kids. She is so special to each of us and has been such a blessing. We will miss her terribly.

Before we knew of her leaving, we had planned a get-together at my house to fellowship and watch a movie. One of the ladies suggested we now use that time as a send-off for our friend, so I volunteered to paint this piece for her.

She loves sunflowers and is a wonderful musician and singer, so this is very fitting for her. We will send her off with much love and prayers for God’s blessings on her as she begins her new adventure.

Charity Donation

Not a lot of studio time the last several days because of property maintenance (I mow, weed-eat and spray 12 acres every week!), but I did manage to paint this door hanger that I donated to a local charity for their silent auction. I hope the buyer will be blessed as well as the charity.

Plans are to get back in the studio today and finish up some orders. Can’t wait!

A Pumpkin Kind of Day

Pumpkins are popping up all over the studio today!  I’ve had a blast painting and hand lettering these door hangers.  I just finished posting them all in my shop.

Wouldn’t this be a fun painting class?  Think I’ll get one set up soon!

How Pumpkins Grow Sign

I was asked by the owner of a local pumpkin patch to paint a 4′ x 4′ sign showing the stages of a pumpkin’s growth. It will be used to educate the groups of school kids who visit this time of year. The owner provided the primed plywood and a few suggestions for the layout.

That blank board was a bit intimidating. I’ve never done anything that large. Thank goodness for inspiration found on Pinterest! I sketched a few motifs and played with the layout.

The painting was easy once I settled on the design and got it transferred to the board.

I was pleased with how it came out and the folks at the pumpkin patch seemed well pleased. I hope the kids will enjoy looking at it and learning about pumpkins.

Christmas Ornaments

I know it seems a little early, but I’m trying to get a head start on holiday painting. I cut these 3″ x 5″ ornaments from 1/8″ plywood and painted simple little Christmas trees on them.

A short piece of jute twine, for hanging, finished them off. Pretty sure I’ll be painting lots of these between now and Christmas.

Here’s a rogue one painted with a little different design.

Now to cut out lots more of these!

Pumpkin Door Hanger

I want blank door hangers that are different from the stock ones you buy in stores and online, so I’m drawing my own and making poster board templates.

Hmmm…can you guess what I’ll be painting next???

I’ll be enlarging this template and getting out the jigsaw today. Can’t wait to paint this one!

Jigsaws Rock!

Today I decided to enlarge my “Ol Blue With Pumpkins” pattern and cut it out of 1/4″ plywood. It’s been awhile since I used a jigsaw, but I pulled it out, hoping I wouldn’t make a total mess of things.

I was alone in the studio and a little nervous, wondering if I should wait until someone was around, you know, in case I cut off a finger or something. I decided to go for it. After all, I would think a jigsaw is one of the safest saws to use for something like this. At least that’s what I told myself.

Thankfully, all went well and I love how the cutout looks after I painted it. I’ll be posting some of these in My Shop soon and they’ll be available at Back 40 Pumpkin Patch, locally.

Now I’m excited to make more!