It’s HOT in The Sipp!

Trying to get my head into a space where I can work on some Christmas products and then this happens —

Cranking up the AC and pushing onward!

Little Toad Friend

I have a little toad who stays around my back door under the carport. The light from the glass door and the kitchen window draws lots of bugs there at night. I have to be careful not to step on him (or her?) when I go outside after dark.

While cleaning the carport on Labor Day, I apparently took away his “abode” and I kept having to dodge him so as not to squish him. He looked lost. When finished cleaning, I grabbed a small potted plant and put it on the concrete beside my potting bench, hoping the toad would take to it as his new home. I was pleasantly surprised to see him burrowed in the pot the next morning. How sweet is that?

New Beginnings

Life happens. Or, perhaps I should say, death happens.

Most all of us have experienced the sense of loss that floods our hearts upon the passing of a loved one. We work through the raw emotions, the brain fog, the copious changes forced upon us. Eventually, though, try as we might to hold fast to all things familiar, we realize that the life we knew for so long will never be again.

So, here I find myself standing on the edge of what was and what is to come. I’m not sure what sort of new life lies ahead, but I know that making art and serving others will be a part of it. I pray that I can be a blessing to others.

I covet your prayers as I step out in faith and seek God’s guidance and strength.  Here’s to new beginnings.


In loving memory of Danny Lamar Ivy, my sweetheart of 44 years