Happy Halloweenie

I painted this handsome guy today for friends, in memory of their longtime Dachshund baby, Duke. Hope it brings back many happy memories for them.

Happy Halloweenie, Duke!

Persistent Nature

I’ve been awed the last few weeks watching this rogue little squash plant persistently trying to make fruit. I go out early most mornings just to catch a glimpse of the beautiful yellow flowers that are at their peak before the sun’s rays cause them to wilt and shrivel.

This is not a plant that I set out or planted. It’s a miracle to me that it even exists, which fascinates me all the more.

Two years ago, my husband built these awesome raised beds for me.

They were built before we knew where our new house would be placed, so they ended up being too far away to be useful once the house was built. My husband passed away before he could move them to the back yard of the new house, so a couple months ago, my son moved them for me with a skid steer. That required picking up and moving the frames, then scooping up the dirt and refilling them.  In doing this, most of the dirt originally on top was now on bottom and vice versa.

It was too late in the season to start a garden, so I decided to wait until next Spring to amend the soil and plant. The beds had been idle for almost 2 years. They had been planted only once since my husband made them. After a couple rains, I noticed this lone squash plant coming up and decided to leave it, just to have something to watch grow. Frost would be coming soon, so I never expected much to come of the little plant, but before I knew it, there were blooms. Big, beautiful blooms that seemed out of place on such a tiny plant.

Then the first cool night came and the next morning the squash plant was all wilted and, I assumed, about to die. I noticed a break in the main stem right at ground level and thought if the cold didn’t kill it, the break surely would.

For several days I didn’t go out to check on the plant.  Then, this morning when I took out the trash, that big yellow bloom caught my eye and I walked over to the bed to see that the little plant was loaded with buds! I looked again at the broken stem. I was shivering in the chilly morning air, but couldn’t help but smile at the persistence of that tiny squash plant.

How awesome is our God who takes seemingly impossible situations and broken pieces and makes something so beautiful from them. What joy can be found in the seemingly insignificant occurrences in nature that we often overlook. One little rogue squash plant. Imagine that!

A Gift of Love

My Sunday School class learned a couple weeks ago that a precious member/friend is moving soon to be nearer her work and kids. She is so special to each of us and has been such a blessing. We will miss her terribly.

Before we knew of her leaving, we had planned a get-together at my house to fellowship and watch a movie. One of the ladies suggested we now use that time as a send-off for our friend, so I volunteered to paint this piece for her.

She loves sunflowers and is a wonderful musician and singer, so this is very fitting for her. We will send her off with much love and prayers for God’s blessings on her as she begins her new adventure.

Charity Donation

Not a lot of studio time the last several days because of property maintenance (I mow, weed-eat and spray 12 acres every week!), but I did manage to paint this door hanger that I donated to a local charity for their silent auction. I hope the buyer will be blessed as well as the charity.

Plans are to get back in the studio today and finish up some orders. Can’t wait!

It’s HOT in The Sipp!

Trying to get my head into a space where I can work on some Christmas products and then this happens —

Cranking up the AC and pushing onward!

Little Toad Friend

I have a little toad who stays around my back door under the carport. The light from the glass door and the kitchen window draws lots of bugs there at night. I have to be careful not to step on him (or her?) when I go outside after dark.

While cleaning the carport on Labor Day, I apparently took away his “abode” and I kept having to dodge him so as not to squish him. He looked lost. When finished cleaning, I grabbed a small potted plant and put it on the concrete beside my potting bench, hoping the toad would take to it as his new home. I was pleasantly surprised to see him burrowed in the pot the next morning. How sweet is that?

New Beginnings

Life happens. Or, perhaps I should say, death happens.

Most all of us have experienced the sense of loss that floods our hearts upon the passing of a loved one. We work through the raw emotions, the brain fog, the copious changes forced upon us. Eventually, though, try as we might to hold fast to all things familiar, we realize that the life we knew for so long will never be again.

So, here I find myself standing on the edge of what was and what is to come. I’m not sure what sort of new life lies ahead, but I know that making art and serving others will be a part of it. I pray that I can be a blessing to others.

I covet your prayers as I step out in faith and seek God’s guidance and strength.  Here’s to new beginnings.


In loving memory of Danny Lamar Ivy, my sweetheart of 44 years